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Whether you're guilty or not, getting charged with a crime can be life changing. Most people aren't sure how to react, making the process frightening and hard to handle. It's important to act quickly in order to adequately protect yourself. Choose Courtenay for your representation to make sure that you receive the best possible verdict in your case.

Going to court can be a confusing and stressful process. Don't face it alone. You can trust A. Courtenay Craig to provide the aggressive defense you need for all of your criminal cases no matter what the offense. My office strives for the best possible outcome in every case, big or small.

Efficient Representation In Federal And State Cases

  • Drunk driving (DUI, OUI and DWI)

  • Drug possession

  • Battery

  • Burglary

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No matter what you are facing, my office has seen it all. We listen to you while providing personalized service. Visit me in Huntington today.

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