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You can rely on me for cases from traffic infractions to federal crimes. I'll provide you with an outline of what to expect and when we will proceed to court. With tough sentencing laws and a wide range of personal and professional implications, it's never been more important to avoid a DUI or DWI conviction.

Speak to Courtenay today. A delay in hiring an attorney who fights for your rights may cost you the right to drive! Courtenay Craig in Huntington will strive to protect you from prison terms, fines, suspension, or loss of license. You do not have to fear being run over by the court system.

Are You Facing Drunk Driving Charges?

Some of the questions the state will have to answer are:

Do Not Let A Traffic Infraction Stop You


My office will ask the tough questions and approach your case from every angle. Speak  to me and plan your defense strategy immediately.

Avoid the costly penalties that come along with DUI and DMV charges.

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  • Did the officer have a reason to pull you over?

  • Was the drug test properly administered?

  • Was the equipment used properly calibrated and in working condition?

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